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Fala capacitance / super capacitor module, module 13.5V-12F

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Product Name: Fala capacitance / super capacitor module, module 13.5V-12F
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Specifications Fala capacitance / super capacitor module, module 13.5V-12F
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Direct manufacturers Fala capacitance super capacitor energy storage module, module series products are the first domestic brand
Contact person: Mr. Ji Factory Tel: 15134191987, QQ: 1213852136
I factory is specializing in the production of Fala capacitor, super capacitors of high-tech enterprises, set the development, production and sales in one, after many years of market exploration, now has a very strong scientific research and economic strength, the Fala capacitance, the super capacitor products have been exported to international markets at home and abroad.
The factory from 1999 to begin production of super capacitor, Fala capacitor series products, specializing in the production of super capacitors of high-tech enterprises. The main R & D personnel from" fifteen" period began to bear the national Ministry of science and Technology Plan 863 major special " electric cars electric vehicle with super capacitor" project. After many years of national key projects of research and testing, the combination of domestic and international market demand, now with the production of winding type 2.5V / 2.7V series, combined 5.0V / 5.5V series, 5.5V series of laminations, and large capacity 10V, 20V, 50V, 100V, 200V, 300V, 400V series Fala capacitor module, module series products such as. More than 100 specifications models of super capacitor capacity, product performance indicators have reached the domestic and foreign same product level.
At present the company products related to consumer electronics, industrial electronics, optoelectronics, solar energy, aerospace, transportation, transportation energy, military and other fields.
Fala capacitor module, the super capacitor module features: low internal resistance, low leakage current, the voltage between the monomer evenly balanced, more than 1000000 working cycle. Through the reasonable design of charging and voltage stabilizing circuit, with good stability, high conversion rate.
Application: power products, smart grid, transportation, automotive, industrial, UPS

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